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Welcome to saugertieswatchdog.com where an "explosion" of information of interest to resident taxpayers is available. Content changes, or is added, frequently, so check back often to see what's new.

Saugertieswatchdog.com began publishing its website in 2006 in response to what was widely considered to be egregious abuses of power among members of the administration of the School District and certain members of the then-current Board of Education and their absolute disregard of taxpayers and taxpayers' funds; unfair hiring and labor practices; and other unethical and questionable actions. The site has been very popular and was instrumental in turning the District around.

The website is presently under construction, receiving its first "face-lift" since its inception that long ago.

We believe—and hope—that this re-vamping will create an easier-to-navigate, more attractive and user-friendly website that you will enjoy visiting again and again.

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